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Purchasing Tools

Mass PO Change

CAI Mass PO Change functionality allows user to quickly and easily approve, update, or cancel thousands of purchase orders. It also allows users to require purchase order fields that are not required in base RMS. Utilizing the mass purchase order change functionality, users can put a robust PO approval process in place. This process allows retailers to more effectively manage their purchasing and “open-to-buy” decisions. 

PO Upload


CAI PO Upload allows users to upload Excel files directly into RMS to create POs quickly and effciently. This is done from within the RMS application and is as simple as attaching a document to an email. Users have the option to split POs by Location or Department if necessary. 

PO Find

CAI Order Find is meant to replace the base RMS Order Find screen.  It allow for users to quickly find items using additional search fields such as by UDA or based on the allocations that those items are attached to.

Vendor Score Card​

Normalizes and summarizes shipment data to provide retailers a quick view of vendor performance.  Users can mass update RMS lead time data based on that performance.  In addition, users can download detailed item / location vendor score card reports.

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