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Other Tools

Like Store

CAI Like Store functionality enables retailers to model any store
(new or existing) based on any other store. This can be accomplished at the product category or plan-o-gram level through the use of a variety of filters available on the CAI Like Store Form. 

Fixed Deals Upload

Enables users to quickly upload fixed deals into RMS using a spreadsheet that can include both merchandise and non-merchandise fixed deals and span multiple suppliers and partners.

Cost Change Upload 

Enables users to quickly update item and order costs using a spreadsheet at the item or item/location level.  Item lists and location lists can also be uploaded to provide maximum efficiency. 

Cost Change Mass Update 

Enables users to quickly review, update, and approve or delete pending EDI cost changes.

Mass Reclass​


Provides the ability to create reclass events and use those events to manage and execute merchandise reclasses.  Also allows users to mass resolve the transactions preventing reclasses from occurring and to reprocess errored records automatically until they are successfully processed.

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