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CAI is a company specializing in Oracle Retail Enhancements, Custom Development and Consulting Services.  We provide comprehensive services for installation, configuration, custom development, support, and training for the entire Oracle Retail suite.


We help retailers tailor the Oracle Retail Suite to fit their business needs, while keeping them on the upgrade path.


We have provided strategic and architectural advice and solutions to medium and large-scale retailers for the past 12 years.

Mo Merheb
Founder and President

Mo is the founder and chief designer at CAI Solutions.  He has been helping Retailers implement Oracle Retail since 2003 and founded CAI Solutions to provide retailers with a trusted voice for checks & balances against large consulting companies that dominate the Oracle Retail Space.  

Shane Kville
VP of Architecture

Shane has worked in the Oracle Retail space since 1995 with ten years of experience at Retek/Oracle Retail and ten years as a consultant assisting major retailers with complex implementations of the Oracle Retail package.  His engagement experience includes Borders Book Stores, Zales, ABC Stores, Rent-A-Center, Academy Sports and Charming Charlie where he has gleaned a wealth of technical knowledge on best practices and simplifying many aspects of the Oracle Retail package for an easier and more efficient user experience.

Bahubali Dongare
VP of Development /    Tech Lead

Bahubali leads the development team at CAI Solutions. He has 12 years of rich experience in Oracle Retail development, technical design, and implementation projects. He previously worked with global companies like Oracle, Accenture, IBM and Wipro. 


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