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Foundation Data Tools

Item Find


CAI Item Find is meant to replace the base RMS Item Find screen.  It allow for users to quickly find items using additional search fields such as by UDA or based on the orders and allocations that those items are attached to.

Item List & Location List Uploads



CAI Item List and Location List Upload allows users to upload Excel lists directly into RMS quickly and effciently. This is done from within the RMS application and is as simple as attaching a document to an email. 

Item List & Location List  Build



Users can create lists based on inventory, sales, order, or receipt transactional information.  Users also have the option to build lists based on additional fields.  For instance, users can paste a list of orders or allocations to build a list of distinct items that are contained in those orders or allocations.

Item List & Location List  Mass Delete



Users can quickly mass delete old lists. The screens have two levels of security: user level and admin level.  User level allows users to delete only the lists they have created.  Admin level allows admin users to delete anyone's list.

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